How to get there


The Urbasa campsite is set in the Urbasa Nature Park, in the heart of a beech forest, on the most extensive plateau in Europe.

This park is a protected area offering an idyllic landscape just 10 minutes from Alsasua, with leafy beech woods and extensive meadowlands. It's very easy to reach either from the north (via the A-1 motorway from Vitoria or the A-10 from Irurzun) or from the south of the Nature Park (NA-718 from Estella).

From Pamplona (60,4 km)
AP-15 / A-10 / A-1 / NA-7183 / NA-718

From San Sebastián (76 km)
GI-131 / AP-1 / A-1 / NA-7183 / NA-718

From Vitoria (54,3 km)
A-1 / NA-718

From Bilbao (112 km)
AP-68 / N-622 / A-1 / NA-718

From Madrid (406 km)
A-1 / AP-1 / A-1 / NA-718

From Barcelona (543 km)
A-2 / AP-2 / AP-68 / AP-15 / A-10 / A-1 / NA-7183 / NA-718